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Please see below for a list we've created of our most commonly asked questions and the answers.
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What is Open Banking

Open Banking is the secure way to give providers access to financial information. It opens the way to new products and services that could help customers and small to medium-sized businesses get a better deal. It could also give customers a more detailed understanding of their accounts and help them find new ways to make the most of their money.


Where are the specifications for your APIs?

We have implemented our APIs following industry standards and using the OBIE specifications which you can find here.

What Open Banking APIs do Allstar provide?

Allstar provide the Dynamic Client Registration API to allow TPs to onboard with Allstar. Also we provide the Read/Write Account and Transactions API which allows TPPs to request and receive Account information and Transactional data for an authorised PSU.

How can I access your Read/Write APIs in your live environment?

You'll need to read our Getting Started guide for full details. Short story, you'll need to register with the FCA, enroll with Open Banking and then onboard with Allstar. Once completed successfully we'll provide you with a Client ID & Secret which you'll use to call our Read/Write API within the live environment.

What is Allstar's Sandbox OIDC URL for Open Banking OpenID Connect Implementation?

How do I test with your APIs?

If you wish to use our sandbox APIs please contact us via to be provided with the test logon credentials to use.
Using our sandbox OIDC well known URL you can access our test APIs.

What is Allstar's Production OIDC URL for Open Banking OpenID Connect Implementation?

How to register with Allstar?

You'll need to read our Getting Started guide for full details. We offer Dynamic Client Registration for TPPs wishing to work with us. Please note we do not support manual onboarding.

What account types are supported by Allstar for Open Banking?

All our VISA accounts are supported for Open Banking.

How to de-register?

You can deregister with Allstar by emailing us: and we'll let you know once it's completed.


What if I need additional support?

You can request additional support by emailing us: